Access From Internet
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You can access Octoprint and Camera from internet. There is a tool ngrok to help us whose network is home network.
Warning: Android OS don't support the features!


You must make sure your BBP board can access internet.
1. Your octoprint patch version is at least 0.95.
2. Plug network wire to BBP board, and make sure BBP board and your router is in same network.
BBP board wire network is in 192.168.1.xxxx, If your router address is also in, then you don't need modify. Or you must modify BBP board network address in Octoprint Setting through USB netwrok or wifi network. Please see here for connect to BBP board
3. ping test ,
run a ping test , like ping -c 5 network_address, for example ping -c 5


4.If all thing is ok, please go on.



1.1 You need a ngrok account, access and register.


1.2 Run "ngrok authtoken 423dfGM1TGjWnjhvnUYRM_7ip6EyTGMKpGDuWt69qyE" in Octoprint terminal.


1.3 Run "ngrok http 80" in Octoprint terminal.


1.4 Access and look your dash board, "Tunnels Online" will list your address. Acess the address, you will can access octoprint from internet.


1.5 If you have a camera, Connect camera to usb port, and "start WebCamera" in Octoprint, you will also access your camera.


1.6 Success

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