Android User Guide


1. Android System

1.1 Android 4.2
The BBP is running Android-4.2.


The following softwares have been pre-installed in the Android system:
OctoPrint APK: the user interface of OctoPrint;
OI File System: A simple file browser;
Setting: Android Setting;
Browser: Web Browwer;


1.2 Setting
1.2.1 Wi-Fi
The WiFi is used as AP mode, you need to choose your SSID and enter password in the setting to enable it.
Make sure you have plug in the WiFi module.


1.2.2 Ethernet Settings
Press the Ethernet Settings button


You can choose to Automatic DHCP or stick it to a static ip address.
You need to plug in the network cable before power on the BBP board.


2. OctoPrint APK

The OctoPrint APK is including three parts: Models, Panel and Printers

The MODELS page is used to manage the modules, you can add modules or choose a module to print in this page.


The PANEL page is a 3d viewer, which is used to view a stl file and slice it to gcode file.


The PRINTERS shows the printing status, the camera and the control buttons.


3. How to Add modules?

3.1 Prepare the modules
Put the stl/gcode file into your eternal storage device, (such as usb disk or Micro-SD card), insert it to the BBP;

3.2 Scan
Press the "SCAN DEVICE" button, it will scan the external storage device.


If there is already some module in the BBP, you need to press the plus sign (+)


Choose which file you want to add, then it will start to add the files into the BBP.


3.3 Generating screenshot

After finished scanning, you can plug off the external device, since that the files you want to add are already inside the BBP board.
Note: When scanning the modules, it will take time to generate screenshots, if the file is bigger than 1MB, the apk will ask you to choose whether to
generate the screenshot or not.


4. How to Slice?

4.1 Add slicing profile file
Save slicing profile from Cura
The OctoPrint is using the CuraEngine for slicing, you need to add a slicing profile first.
You can get this profile file by the "Save Profile" menu of the Cura.


Import the slicing profile
Open the web page OctoPrint, open the setting, import this ini file.


4.2 Open a stl file
2 ways to open a stl file:
A. Choose a STL in the MODELS page
Choos a stl file and press slice button:


B. Choose a file in the PANEL page
Press the file symbol at the right top of panel page, it will open a dialog box, choose which file you want to slice:


Press "SLICE" button, then it will load the stl file to 3d viewer.

4.3 Loading STL file


Please pay attention that, if the model is too huge, it will take some time to loading it, so the APK will ask you to make sure that
whether you want to do it.


4.4 Start to slice
After successful loading, press the "SLICE" button, it will start to slice it using the profile that you have just loaded.
You can change the profile parameter in the left window, such as layer height, Infill percentage.


After finished slicing, the gcode file will be put in the MODELS->Printer->FastBot->[File_Name]…..

5. How to start a printing?

The same as slicing, you can choose a gcode file in the MODELS page or press the open button on the PANEL page:


After confirmed, it will start to print that gcode file:


6. How to control the printer?

6.1 Moving


6.2 Pre-Heating


6.3 Change Filament


6.4 Fans Control


7. How to start the camera?

Change the current page to PRINTER, press the camera button at to right top.

8. How to get the current IP address?

Please look at the "Setting" part of Octoprint apk, make sure the WiFi and ethernet is enabled.


9. How to use the web page of OctoPrint?

You can use OTG cable, ethernet cable or WiFi to connect the BBP, and open brower on your computer or phone, etner ip address.
For example:
Connect OTG cable to your computer, enter on your browser, you will see Octoprint.

10 About delta profiles

If you are using delta machine, please modify your profile
Homing feedrate X, Y, Z 3000
Axis max speed X, Y, Z 500
Maximum Acceleration X, Y, Z 9000
max xy jerk 20
z jerk 20

11 For the first time modify Octoprint profile

11.1.Connect to BBP board
You can connect to BBP board by WIFI , ethernet, USB otg cable.
11.1.1 Wi-Fi
Make sure you have plug in the WiFi module.


11.1.2 Ethernet Settings
Press the Ethernet Settings button.
You can choose to Automatic DHCP or stick it to a static ip address.
You need to plug in the network cable before power on the BBP board.


11.1.3 USB OTG network
Plug OTG cable into BBP board, your computer should have a new network connection.
Please follow this USB wire

11.2 Enter IP address in your browser on your computer and modify your Octoprint profile
Follow this step

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