1. How to login in using a terminal?

There are two ways to login in terminal, one is USB OTG wire, and another is UART.

1.1. OTG

Connect the OTG cable, power on the BBP.

Linux system:
Open a terminal, enter:
ssh 2.7.861.291|toor#2.7.861.291|toor

root don't need password

Install SecureCRT;

File->Quick connect


Enter Host name:, press connect;


Press "Accept Once"


Enter user name: root


1.2. Uart

First, please connect the uart cable.


Linux system:
Open a minicom, select device /dev/ttyUSB0, or /dev/ttyUSB0,
please see here "Using minicom to interface with serial devices on Linux"

*Install SecureCRT;
*Get your com port.
Right click "My computer" -> click "Manager" -> click "Device Manager" on the left -> click "Port and LPT".
Now I get COM4


*Click "quick connect"


*Configurate port for COM4 which you get. And other is same as following picture.


*Ok, finish it.


2. M80

Control function of Octoprint make no response. For example click X axis move to left, but it don't, Fan cann't work after finish printing.
Answer: "Send M80 gcode command in Terminal, which function is start the stepper motor.
PS: In version 0.94 and after 0.94, only need click "Motor on" instead of "send M80" manualy

3. About Start/End Code

Please see here: http://wiki.fastbot3d.com/fastbot-bbp-user-guide#toc9
Warning:Don't add start gcode and end gcode command in cura态slic3r and other slice software, or BBP will abort.

4. USB 3.0

BBP board don't support USB 3.0 device and hub.

5. M105 message filters

Instead old M105 RegExp in octoprint Terminal filters of

(M105)|(Recv:    T\d*:)|(Recv: OK *)

6. FeedSpeed M220

The print speed is already open in the OctoPrint, you can see "FeedSpeed".
The default value is 100, which means the same speed as the gcode file you are printing,if you change the value as 200, it will double speed up.


PS: Since there is a queue buffer in the firmware, buffing 4k gcode path, so it will take a while to speed up.

7. M303 auto pid

Send M303 gcode command in terminal, and get response from terminal.
M303 E<target> S<temperature> C<cycles>
1. "M303 E-1 S60 C3" to get bed pid,
2. "M303 E0 S210 C3" for get extruder0 pid.
3. "M303 E1 S210 C3" for get extruder1 pid.
4. "M303 E0 S210 C3", auto tune extruder0, target temperature 210, cycle is 3
5. "M303 E-1 S60 C3", auto tune bed, target temperature 60, cycle is 3
6. "M303 E-1 S60 C3 W1", auto tune bed, target temperature 60, cycle is 3, enable max pwm heater, don't have limit from Octorpint profile "Max heat pwm"

1.If it heat slow, please modify "Max heat pwm" in profile.
2.You can option "Suppress M105 requests/responses" on terminal to see better.

8. How to repair your tf card

After you flash system with your tf card, If plug tf card on windows, it will only show a "Fastbot" partition, and disk size is less than real disk size.
That is because tf card has a ext4 partition that windows don't show up it.
If you want to use the tf card as usual, follow this step
1.Download the small file file address , will get a file named 10M-format.rar
2.Exectract 10M-format.rar and get 10M-format.img.
3.Flash 10M-format.img to your sd card with Win32 Disk Imager , the step is same as flash image. please see here http://wiki.fastbot3d.com/update-system-image#toc1
4. Ok, plug sd card into computer again, computer will pop up a dialog for formating sd card.

9. Ethernet connection issue

If you boot BBP board without pluging ethernet wire, when BBP board is running, you plug ethernet wire, but RJ45 network socket led will not light and etherent network don't work.
The right way, first pluging ethernet wire and then boot BBP board, ethernet network will work normally. Because it is a hardware bug of TI.

10. About BBP1 board limit

BBP1 is first generation 3D printer control board. BBP1S is second generation.
BBP1 board have some limit on hardware, if you are using BBP1, please take care of it. And BBP1S don't have the limit.
*PWM who control Fan1 is connect to LCD blacklight, when control Fan1, it also control LCD blacklight. So you connect a LCD Screen, it will have problem. We already disable Fan1 in new software. The new debian software version is 0.97, and android version is 1.1. Instead of Fan1, please use Fan2. it also have a PWM function.
*Fan 3,4,5 on the BBP1 board don't have PWM function, their status is on or off, cann't adjust PWM, but you can turn on or turn off it.

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