Introduction To Bbp

1. Introduction

The BBP is a 3d printer controller board, powered by AM335x (1GHZ Cortex-Au processor), running Linux operating system.
The BBP contains 5 to 7 stepper drivers, 3 heaters, 6 endstops, 5 to 6 fans, 1 microSD Card socket, 1 Ethernet socket, which features everything you need to upgrade your 3d printer.

Clone 3d printer controller
The BBP support remote controlling and monitoring. Connect a WiFi and camera to the BBP and it will enable your 3d printer to connect wirelessly to any web enabled device. There is no need for cables anymore and you can start, stop, and monitor your print from anywhere.

Support almost every 3d printer
The BBP supports lots of 3d printers, including xyz type, corexy/h-bot type, delta type and dual-z type, almost every kind of 3d printer can be connected with.

2. Hardware

* Texas Instrument Sitara AM335X, 1GHZ Cortex-A8 ARM
* 2 programmable Realtime Units (PRU) to generate really high frequency step and dir signals
* 4GB eMMC
* 512M DDR3 memory
* 10/100M ethernet
* microSD Card
* USB Host to connect USB disk, WiFi, Camers .etc
Stepper drivers
* 5 to 7 drv8825 stepper drivers
* 1/32 microsteps
* Each capable of driving bipolar steppers up to 45V and 2.5A
* Digital control of the current setting for each driver
* 3 heaters, 2 for extruder and 1 for HBP
* 6 connectors for fan or led light belt
* 3 thermistor inputs
* 1 thermalcouple (max6675) input, (BBP 1S only)
* 6 endstop, 3 for min limit switch, 3 for max limit switch
* 1 connector for external power button
* 50 pins FFC connector for 24 bits TFT LCD and touch screen
* Connector for 1 extended stepper (BBP 1S only)
* Connector for 3 extended heaters
* Serial connector for debug
* Lots of pins broken out, including stepper control signals and pwm control signals for heaters

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