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2. What is BBP?

The BBP is a 3d printer controller board, powered by AM335x (1GHZ Cortex-A8 processor), running Linux operating system.
The BBP contains 5 to 7 stepper drivers, 3 heaters, 6 endstops, 5 to 6 fans, 1 microSD Card socket, 1 Ethernet socket,
which features everything you need to upgrade your 3d printer.

2.1 BBP Board

BBP1 is first generation board, and BBP1S is its upgraded version which provide more interface.

2.2 BBP Software

You can download the BBP software from here.
It consists of the firmware "unicorn", web server software "octoprint", and linux OS.
Github with old code:

3. Documents

3.1 FastBot BBP User Guide

3.2 Introduction to Firmware

3.3 Intorduction to OctoPrint

3.4 Android User Guide

3.5 How to use wifi and camera

3.6 How to update the system

3.7 How to reset your password

3.8 How to use extended interface

3.9 How to use Auto leveling

3.10 How to access Octoprint and Camera from internet

4. FAQ

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