Update Firmware

Firmware Version: 20150709.071
Firmware version is 0.71 and made in 20150709. “0” is major version, “71” is minor version.

“Update firmware”:
You can download firmware from www.fastbot3d.com on “Download” page.
Note:There is a rule. Firmware can update when current major version is equal to firmware patch major version, or you must flash the whole system image. For example, when current version is 1.32, and firmware patch version is 2.81, you can’t update the firmware patch, you can only update firmware patch whose major version is 1.

“Temperature curve” Upload:
Temperature curve is many key pair which contain temperature and adc value. Extruder and heat bed all have thermistor, firmware use 100k as default thermistor. Thermistor have self different adc value. So if your printer have a different thermistor, need upload a different temperature curve.
We provide common thermistor as 100K, 200K on site www.fastbot3d.com.

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