Wifi and Camera


1.1 Plug usb wifi dongle, and reboot board.
Supported usb wifi IC is "REALTEK RTL8188".

1.2 When led which is at center of board blink, search wifi ap named "rtwap" in your phone or notebook and connect with passwd "87654321"

1.3 Ok, you can enter "" in browser to access Octoprint.

2.Camera with octoprint

2.1 Plug usb camera.
2.2 Configurate access address
Modify Stream URL and Snapshot URL with right IP address.
For example, you are using wire Ethernet network and BBP ip address is, so, modify old Stream URL and Snapshot URL with
The new Stream URL is
The new Snapshot URL is


Note:If version is 0.95 or bigger than 0.95, don't modify Stream URL and Snapshot URL, keep it default.

2.3 click "Start Webcam"

2.4 Reload current page in brower.
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